- Withdrawing ATOMs

How to un-stake your tokens with instructions using
It is important to understand that un-staking ATOMs, called un-bonding, comes with a 21-day holding period to complete. After one completes the unbonding step, those ATOMs are considered to be non-delegated ATOMs. Also, one cannot re-stake (also know as re-delegate) those same ATOMs until the unbonding period completes to detach from a validator.
Please keep this in mind before proceeding!
In addition, non-delegated ATOMs will not benefit from the network rewards which results in the percentage to the total amount of ATOMs decreasing over time due to the annualized global inflation rate (about 8% to 12%)
Steps to Un-bond:
1. On your browser, go to
2. Click on Wallet and click Sign In
3. Select Use an existing address
4. Choose Use Ledger Nano
5. Connect your Ledger Nano, enter PIN code and click Sign In
6. Navigate to Staking menu, click on My Delegations
7. Select the validator which you wish to un-bond from
8. Click on Un-delegate
9. Enter the amount of ATOMs to un-delegate and click Next (observe the notification on the holding period of 21 days when un-delegate).
10. Enter in the amount of ATOMs to be un-delegate
11. Review the Network Fee and the total amount of the transaction, click Next.
12. Ensure that the Cosmos app is open on your Ledger Nano, click Send.
13. Verify the transaction on your Ledger Nano and sign it.
Congratulations! You have now successfully begun the process to withdraw from staking (un-bonded) your ATOMs from the validator.
When unbonding from a validator, there will be a 21-day holding period where you won't be able to transfer ATOMs out of the wallet -nor- delegate it again to another validator.
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