Using a Hardware Wallet

Step-by-step guide using a hardware wallet connected to a computer


This procedure assumes that you have an existing Ledger Nano S which has already been initialized and configured with recovery phrase and a PIN code.
At the time of writing, the Bluetooth version of the Ledger, the Ledger Nano X was just released. This document will be updated in the future to reflect instructions to go with this newer release of the Ledger hardware wallet
This guide also assumes you have a compatible Windows, Mac, or Linux-based computer that's connected to the internet, with USB connections capable of connecting with the Ledger Nano S.
DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the mobile apps will enable an easy onramp to create Cosmos ATOM wallets and to stake ATOM tokens to active validators. But this may be at a cost of security. We are not a proponent of any Cosmos-enabled mobile apps or Cosmos-enabled websites mentioned here, but we feel that these are some of the more user-friendly options available as of this writing.
Proceed with caution. Use private network connections if possible (versus public Wi-Fi).