- Stake ATOMs on mobile app

Using the Cosmostation mobile app
We assume you have ATOMs transferred to your newly created wallet. You can purchase ATOMs from secondary markets through exchanges that offer to sell them, typically by exchanging Bitcoin (BTC) with Atoms (ATOM)
Here's how to stake ATOMs from your wallet created on the mobile app
1. Open up Cosmostation app (install via iOS App Store or via Android Play Store)
2. Navigate to the REWARD menu
3. Click on the All tab and select Sorting By Name
4. Choose a validator, let's say you picked us, 🌐
5. You'll see a description of the validator. Click on Delegate
6. Enter the amount of ATOMs to be staked
7. Confirm your delegation
Congratulations! You've just staked ATOMs to a validator.
Did you know? Even though you've delegated your ATOMs to a validator, it DOES NOT transfer the ownership of those ATOMs out to them. You still have full ownership of the ATOMs that you've just delegated out to validators!