- Stake ATOMs on Ledger Nano

Using Lunie.io and Ledger Nano S

We assume you have ATOMs transferred to your newly created wallet. You can purchase ATOMs from secondary markets through exchanges that offer to sell them, typically by exchanging Bitcoin (BTC) with Atoms (ATOM)

Here's how to stake ATOMs from your wallet created on the Ledger Nano:

1. On your browser, go to https://lunie.io​

2. Click on Wallet and click Sign In

3. Select Use an existing address

4. Choose Use Ledger Nano

5. Plug in your Ledger Nano S, sign in with PIN code and open the Cosmos Ledger Live app

6. Go back to the Lunie.io website and click Sign In, which prompts you to confirm the sign-in on your Ledger Nano S.

7. Confirm the sign-in on your Ledger Nano S

8. You are then authorized to access and view your Wallet

9. Click on the Staking menu option on the left panel

10. Choose the Validators tab to list participating validators

11. Click on Moniker field twice title to re-order the list of validators

12. Select a validator -- say you choose 🌐 KysenPool.io (third on the list)

12. Once in the validator details screen, if you're satisfied with your choice, click Delegate

13. Enter in the amount of ATOMs that you'd like stake

14. Click Next several times while reviewing the Network Fee and Total ATOMs to stake

15. Before you hit submit, plug in your Ledger Nano to your computer

16. At the Ledger Nano interface, enter your PIN code to unlock it

17. Still, on the Ledger Nano, double-click into the Cosmos app

18. Go back to your computer's browser, on the Lunie.io site, click Submit

19. Now, a series of messages will appear on your Ledger Nano S screen detailing the attributes of the transaction, similar to below

20. Press the Right button on your Ledger Nano S repeatedly to scroll through the information until you reach the Sign Transaction option. Then press both buttons to execute the signing action.

21. A few seconds after signing the transaction on your Ledger Nano S, you should see the confirmation being displayed on your computer/mobile device.

Congratulations! You have now successfully staked your ATOMs with a validator.

In case you didn't hear, READ THIS -- even though you've delegated your ATOMs to a validator, it DOES NOT transfer the ownership of those ATOMs out to them. You still have full ownership of the ATOMs that you've just delegated out to validators!