Purchasing ATOMs

Buying ATOM tokens from exchanges
ATOMs can be purchased by using base cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH, through online exchanges such as:
A list of exchanges carrying ATOMs can be found at
In the next sections, we will go through a couple of ways to creating a Cosmos wallet, if you don't already have one:. These wallets will be yours to own, which you can use as, literally a wallet, to store your ATOM tokens, so you can then stake them to earn rewards.
Terminologies -- if you're a little confused between Cosmos and ATOM, here's a quick take on them:
  • Cosmos is a blockchain built on Tendermint powered by ATOM tokens
  • Tendermint is the underlying consensus protocol for Cosmos
  • ATOM is a fungible cryptocurrency used in the Cosmos Hub for transfer of value and as "gas" to pay for transactions in the Cosmos Hub
  • Cosmos Hub is the first implementation of Cosmos aimed at becoming the connector between blockchains, or in other words, "interoperable blockchain hub"